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Top Things to Do in Frisco, Tx: Find Attractions and Fun Activities

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Frisco offers the best of both worlds for residents, people looking to move here, and tourists. This city has that addictive big-city feel but with small-town hospitability and a sense of community.

And it gets better as Frisco is littered with fun things to do for all ages and people with different ideas of fun.

What Are the Best Things to Do in Frisco, TX?

If you are visiting Frisco for a fun weekend, or want to move out here, here are some exhilarating things to do in Frisco.

1. Visit the Dallas Cowboys Headquarters: the Star

The Star is a spectacular 91-acre campus that’s home to the Dallas Cowboys world headquarters. This is also where the 12,000-seater Ford Center is located.

When it comes to memorable experiences for sports fans, the home field of the Dallas Cowboys rarely ever missed the mark. Aside from watching an indoor game, you can also tour the Nike Star Walk, the NFL War Room, the Super Bowl Memorabilia exhibit, and lots more. It’s little wonder that the Star has remained a fan favorite over the years.

You can easily combine this with a visit to the Texas sculpture garden, the national soccer hall, or the national videogame museum.

An alternative would be to watch an FC Dallas game at the Toyota Stadium.

2. Work on Your Fitness Goals at the Frisco Athletic Center

Get this: the Frisco Athletic Centre offers 100,000 square feet of indoor wellness opportunities, complete with an aquatic center. Just how much water, you ask? 350,000 gallons of water! These are in the lazy river, water slides, and the huge waterpark playground for younger kids.

For those hot Frisco months, good luck trying to tear the kids away from this magical water land.

3. Stroll Through the Renowned Frisco Commons Park

Frisco Commons Park is a grand 63-acre park right in the city. When you are just craving an affordable, fun time with lots of open space and fresh air for the whole family, this is it.

The park has two small pavilions and one large one where you can set up picnic areas on numerous picnic tables. Adults can walk on the park’s trail or cycle on the bike trail as younger kids spend time by the pond and in the children’s playground.

Alternatively, try and catch the Frisco Starfest every second Saturday of the month. This is an event organized by the Texas Astronomical Society where attendees can observe the gorgeous Frisco night skies.

4. Get Your Adrenaline Pumping at Frisco Nordic Center

There is also something special for winter lovers in Frisco.

The Nordic Centre provides a perfect nook for skate-skiing and snowshoe adventures. This picturesque ski Centre features 28 km of ski trails and 8km of snowshoeing trails. There are rentals, lessons for beginners, and ski tuning seven days a week.

The center also has a cozy lodge if you are not looking for fun in the snow. This is surrounded by stunning snowcapped mountain peaks providing sites that are absolutely to die for.

5. Get a Fun History Lesson at Frisco Heritage Museum

Close to the library and city hall is the Frisco heritage museum, a local history museum.

The museum lets you travel back in time to learn Frisco’s history by touring the living village. The village has historic buildings, including historic homes and a jailhouse, a blacksmith’s shop, a real locomotive, a log cabin, and an old schoolhouse. You can also immerse yourself in the city’s culture through the artifacts and films at the museum.

If you fall in love with Frisco (like most people do) or want to move here, this history lesson will help you catch up with the city’s history. And if you decide to make the move, you’ll want to enlist reliable moving services in Frisco to ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

6. Cool off at Frisco Bay Marina

The Frisco Marina is where quintessential mountain life meets with lake life, thanks to the Lake Dillon or Dillon Reservoir.

The Marina elevates at over nine thousand feet, yielding a world-class sailing destination with occasional regattas.

If you’re out here in the summer, the water sports will be perfect for cooling off. It doesn’t matter what you are into; picnics, waterside dining, kayaking, fishing, and paddle boarding will all likely offer a thrilling experience.

7. Fly. Well, Almost!

If you would love to experience flying like a bird, but skydiving isn’t for you, iFLY in Frisco, Tx, offers the perfect alternative. iFLY Frisco is an indoor skydiving facility suitable for all ages.

The company has a flight chamber with a wall-to-wall air cushion that gives a realistic yet safe skydiving experience.

A session lasts two hours, where you check in and go through a training session before gearing up and heading into the flight chamber.

8. Shoot Fire Arms at Frisco Gun Club

Few things feel as powerful as holding a gun. Shooting one is even more so. You can do this safely and legally at the Frisco Gun Club in Downtown Frisco.

This gun range has 36 lanes at 25 yards and four riffle lanes at 100 yards, all fitted with a state-of-the-art, digital target carrier systems. The entire range is indoors and climate controlled, so you can take your shoots anytime.

9. Rock Climbing at Canyons Rock Climbing, Frisco

Rock Climbing at Canyons Rock Climbing features bouldering, top rope, and sports climbing. These will give you a fun, adrenaline-filled, full-body workout all in one!

The gym has 10,000 sq. feet of roped walls, a workout area, a moonwalk, and 1,000 sq. feet of bouldering wall. The facility also offers rock climbing lessons to help improve your form and skill. There is no age limit for people looking to use the facilities, and there is an orientation session where beginners are taught how to manage the gym’s rope systems.

10. Visit the Museum of the American Railroad, Frisco Tx

This museum was founded in 1963 and offers a unique treat for locomotive enthusiasts.

The Interactive museum has an impressive collection of massive, one-of-a-kind, historic locomotives, including;

  • Union Pacific DDA-40-X 6913
  • Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 4903
  • Santa Fe ALCO-PA 1-16 (one of the only four surviving units in North America)
  • Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy 4018
  • Saint Louis-San Francisco 4-8-4 Northern 4501

You can take one of the guided tours for a more enriching experience. The walking tour takes approximately 60 minutes, and you can combine a visit to the museum with a tour of the surrounding area.

Never a Dull Day

Frisco is literally awash with fun stuff to do alone, with friends, or with family. Whether you want a few hours of fun or to go away for an entire weekend, you are unlikely to run out of ideas. And if you ever choose to move to Frisco, you can be sure never to have a dull moment!


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