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The Ultimate Guide for Moving To Frisco, TX

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Frisco sits on the Northside of Dallas and is among the fastest growing cities in the state.

Despite the rapid growth, Frisco still remains a typical Texan city with fun things to do and that addictive southern hospitality. Nonetheless, if you want to move here permanently, it’s only natural that you would be curious to know more about the city. We can most certainly help you out with this. 

Let’s dig in.

Cost of Living in Frisco, TX Compared to the National Average

The cost of living in Frisco is estimated to be anywhere between 107.3% and 121% of the national average, depending on various sources. This means the city’s cost of living is between 7% and 21% higher than the national average. This makes it slightly more expensive than the national average, but Frisco is still considered among the more affordable cities in the U.S.

 So how does it rank among the most expensive cities?

Frisco ranks 2,466 out of the 5,671 cities in the country and 16th out of the 287 cities in Texas.

Home Prices in Frisco, TX: Median Home Prices and Affordability

Housing costs in Frisco are indexed at 175, which is higher than the 84.3 national average.

To get some perspective, the average for a house in Texas is $316,127, while the median for the same house in Frisco would be $694,988.

On average, homes in Frisco will sell at $252 per square foot, amounting to an average price of $725,000. If you intend on renting, expect to pay around $1,814.

Living in Frisco: Neighborhoods in Frisco, TX

Every family has a top list of must-haves for any location they are considering moving into. People looking for moving to Frisco TX, rest assured that there are numerous neighborhoods to choose from, each with varying attractions.

Here are some top, hand-picked neighborhoods for your consideration.

Newman Village

Newman Village is on the Westside of Frisco near Legacy Drive, Dallas North Tollway, and EL Dorado Parkway.

All residences in Newman Village are structured around essential amenities like the communal recreation center, tennis courts, and pool. The neighborhood has a handful of hiking and walking trails. Residents looking to keep their fitness levels up will enjoy cycling, biking, walking, and running on these tracks.

Homes here are of varied styles, ranging from 4 to 5 bedrooms and range from $1,000,000 to $1,500,000.

The Trails of Frisco

This is another excellent place to live, and the best part is that the cost of housing is lower than in neighborhoods like Newman’s Village, Stonebriar, and Chapel Creek.

The Trails has a golf course open to the public, with no membership required. There is also easy access to swimming pools, grill parks, bars, lakes, tennis courts, and children’s play areas.

Average home pricing is set at $600,000, with 2-to-bedroom houses going for $450,000 to $1,000,000.

The Grove

The Grove is a relatively new development, conveniently situated to give easy access to multiple Texan cities. This mega community offers incredible amenities like an outdoor courtyard, a pavilion, and a grilling and fire pit center.

There are also over 5 miles of trails and 25 acres of land dedicated to green spaces, making it a perfect haven to raise a family.

It doesn’t end there. The Grove has a dog and soccer park, playgrounds, butterfly parks, pergolas, hammocks, and a stocked fishing pond.

For the outdoor lover, infinity pools and waterfalls might tickle your fancy. There is also a splash pad and fitness center for fitness buffs.

Pricing for housing begins at $700,000 for a small house and can go all the way to $1,700,000 for bigger 5000 square feet homes.


Greyhawk spans over 100 acres of naturally sculpted open spaces with scenic trails, large ponds, and fountains.

The neighborhood is also dotted with gazebos for residents to catch their breath or enjoy the sights and sounds during walks, cycling, and jogging. Residents have access to three community pools, and there are elementary, middle, and high schools for kids in Greyhawk.

The average home price here is $679,426.

Why is Frisco, TX, the Best Place to Move to?

Looking for a new place to call home comes with a level of stress and uncertainty. You need a place where everyone in your family feels like they belong and where individual needs are reasonably taken care of. You also have to look into schools, safety, recreation, and so on. If this feels like a lot, you are in good company.

The good news is that Frisco will likely tick most of your boxes. Here is a list of the top reasons you should consider this city.

1. Crime Rate in Frisco, TX: Lower than the National Average

Frisco is rated among the safest cities in the country. Its violent crime rate is pegged at 9.8, which is much lower than the 22.7 national average.

The city has the first lowest violent crime rate, with 86 reported violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

The city also has the 6th lowest property crime, at 972 crimes per 100,000 residents. Couple this with a drug poisoning mortality rate of 7.3 deaths per 100,000 residents, and Frisco becomes among the safest cities to raise a family.

2. Top Attractions in Frisco, TX

You want to live in a city that’s well-known, or that’s synonymous with something exciting. You will not be short of these living in Frisco.

Some of the top Frisco local attractions to brag about will include:

Frisco athletic center

This is an award-winning 100,000 square feet fitness and aquatic center with over 350,000 gallons of water! You can work out and enjoy the water park. No worries if you have young ones, as there is a children’s area that’s well-covered by the center’s child care program.

Riders field

Watching a game is one thing. Ever thought about watching a game while floating along a river on tubes? Well, you can do this at Riders Field in Frisco.

Star Stadium at Ford Center

The Ford Center is a world-renowned 91-acre training facility that’s home to the Dallas Cowboys. Its 12,000-seat indoor stadium is also something to marvel at.

Toyota Stadium: Where Soccer Fans Unite

This stadium is just as big of a hit today as it was 18 years ago when it opened its doors. This stadium is a special place for soccer lovers as it’s dedicated to the sport, with its 20,500 seating capacity.

3. Location and Transportation: Frisco’s Proximity to Dallas and Other Major Cities

Frisco stretched across two counties in Texas: Collin and Denton County area. It’s bordered by Prosper to the North, Plano to the South, Little Elm to the West, and Allen and McKinney to the east. 

An hour’s drive can take you to the Oklahoma border, and you can be in downtown Dallas in roughly 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

4. Ideal for Families

Most neighborhoods in Frisco have low crime rates and beautiful homes. These, plus the available amenities, make this the perfect place to raise a family.

The museums, amusement parks, green spaces, malls, restaurants, and sporting spots in Frisco all support family living. For example, Frisco has 50 parks spanning an astounding 1,300 acres. With this at your disposal, finding something to do with the kids on weekends becomes a breeze.

The good old southern hospitality also means friendly neighbors will likely welcome your family, and you will be part of a fulfilling community. Frisco tops the list for a family looking for an excellent place to put down some roots.

5. Education: Frisco Schools and School Districts

Frisco ISD (Independent School District) has 74 schools to pick from. These include 12 preschools, 42 elementary schools, 18 middle schools, and ten high schools.

Further, at 14:1, the student-to-teacher ratio here is lower than the national average, and students also have access to 73 full-time counselors.

Higher education students can also choose to remain in Frisco and attend the Allgood beauty college, the University of North Texas, or the numerous other colleges in the neighboring cities. The proximity of Frisco to Fort Worth and Dallas makes for an easy commute for students who choose to study at either location.

6. Job Opportunities: The Booming Job Market in Frisco, TX

Frisco has an educated workforce, numerous top employers, a thriving business community, and many employment opportunities.

The Frisco Independent School District, the City, T-Mobile USA, and Conifer Health Solutions are the top employers. However, don’t limit your job search to Frisco. 

The city is often referred to as a ‘bedroom community’ because many residents live in Frisco but work outside the city within the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. For one, the Dallas-Fort Worth area houses the largest concentration of publicly traded company headquarters in the U.S. These naturally provide a host of professional opportunities and career growth.

Planning Your Move to Frisco, TX

Are you still loving the idea of Frisco? If so, then first things first: planning your move and getting a few things set up ensures you have an easier transition.

How Much Do You Need to Move to Frisco

The average living cost for Frisco residents is $2,108. This is slightly higher than the country’s average of $56,310. 

Going by this, a good salary to live in Frisco is anything over $67,572.

Talk to a local realtor

The first thing you need to do before your move is to talk to a realtor and give them your housing preferences, whether you’re looking to rent or own.

Once they find a few units worth considering, it’s advisable to travel to the city to see the house in person, Vis a Vis other amenities, before pinning it down.

A local realtor knows the ins and outs of the towns they operate in and would therefore be able to match you to homes close to your preferences.

Obtain the Texas Driver’s License

New residents of the state of Texas are required to apply for a Texas driver’s license from the Texas Department of Public Safety. This should be done within 90 days of moving to the state.

Read all you need to know on this, including eligibility, requirements, and where to go from this article.

You will need to register your vehicle as well.

Wrap Things Up

While a fresh start in a new city can be exciting, the nitty gritty of the move is not. However, it must be done, and the sooner, the better. Once it’s clear that you will be making a move, begin tying up loose ends and preparing for it in good time.

Small things like canceling subscriptions, issuing notices, and collecting physical medical files can be easily forgotten. Another thing you should consider doing is thorough decluttering. This will ensure that you are only left with valuable items and that you do not pay to transport items you will throw away once in Frisco.

Find a Moving Company

Central to your move is a moving company. Depending on your budget, you can get one that offers you the full package, or you can pay for certain services.

A complete package means the movers will pack your house up, move you and offload your belongings in the new house. You can also have add-ons like junk removal services.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can pay for the move only. This will require you to get the packing done, which will be more manageable if you start early and pack your home up room by room. While researching moving companies, ensure to pick one with a TxDMV license.

One Last Thing

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to find the right moving partner, and that’s us. At Buddy Moving, our job is to make your physical move as easy as possible, so you can focus on settling in. As your trusted Frisco movers, we have a highly qualified team of movers, a transparent billing system, and come fully licensed and insured.

If you are excited about your move, don’t dampen your experience with a poorly executed move. Buddy Moving will get you packed, loaded, moved, and unpacked in your new place in no time. You can then focus on settling your family into the fun, warm, diverse Frisco lifestyle. We bet this sounds great, so call us today and let’s make it happen!


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