Apartment Moving

When it comes to the Dallas, Fort Worth area or all of Nothern Texas, we have you covered and offer our apartment moving services in both of these areas plus the surrounding areas. If you would like to inquire about our services, but don’t know if your area is included in our service area, give us a call or email us and we will be able to clear everything up and determine if you are in our service area.

Why Choose Buddy Moving?

We have all of the necessary tools and resources that will make your move from one apartment to another very easy, simple, safe, and affordable. We take care of you and your belongings so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong. We look forward to creating a relationship with you while we help you start a new journey post move.


In the Dallas area, and surrounding cities, apartments are everywhere with new ones popping up weekly. That means they’re are more people moving in and out of apartments than ever, and you need a company who knows how to take care of these ever changing needs. Buddy Moving has the apartment movers you want in a company. All of our movers are trained in-house, licensed and insured. We have performed countless successful apartment moves, and know that each one is unique to the person moving. That’s why you should choose us for your apartment move today!

Trained In-House and Experience Movers

You want to make sure the company you hire to move your apartment is legitimate, and has the crews on hand that know what they’re doing. Buddy Moving is one of the few moving companies that trains their movers in-house, and keeps them on as employees instead of contractors. That means all of our movers perform each move to a level of satisfaction we deem necessary for our customers. They know how to pack, protect furniture, disassemble and reassemble furniture, install and uninstall appliances, and safely move your belongings from point A to B. There is no better option than Buddy Moving for your apartment movers of Texas!

Quality Packing Services and Top Rated Moving

Have you decided whether you plan to pack your apartment yourself, or have your moving crew help? Buddy Moving has apartment movers that know how to safely pack anything from delicate china wear to clothes and everything in between. We train our movers to use the best packing techniques, and we use only the best packing materials available.

Even if you are planning on packing yourself, ask Buddy Moving about our materials, as we can offer you better prices on boxes, tape, padded paper, and more! We’ll even deliver it to your door before your move so you can be ready to go!

Affordable Apartment Movers

While you want only the best moving you into or out of your apartment, you also don’t want to break the bank. Buddy Moving offers transparent pricing, with clear defined start and end times for all moves. You’ll know coming in what to expect, and have a clear idea of how much you’ll be spending on your move. There’s nothing worse than finding out there’s multiple hidden fees attached to your move price, so choose Buddy Moving, where our prices are always clear and fair!

Our Professional Range Of Service

Here at Buddy Moving, we want to make the moving process as easy as possible for you. When you move, always move with a buddy, like us! We truly believe in these safe and effective methods of ensuring your next move goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Local, Residential, and Apartment Moving
  • Trained and Professional Moving Experience
  • High Quality Packing Material Available
  • Loading and Unloading of boxes from Trucks, Storage, etc.
  • Safety regulations to keep the move safe for everybody
  • Quick and Easy Packing Services
  • Affordable Labor Only Moving
  • Single Item Moves
  • Background-checked Movers
  • Free and Fast Quotes

Areas Served

Texas is a wonderful and great state. We are very familiar with the area and are able to give you the best professional moving service possible. Never worry about your belongings in the moving process, we are top-rated and trained to perform in all situations and will provide an easy, quick, and safe moving experience.

Local, Residential, and Apartment Moving Services in Dallas, Texas at Buddy Moving

Dallas – Fort Worth Area

We serve the entire DFW and the entire surrounding area.

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Local, Residential, and Apartment Moving Services in Dallas, Texas at Buddy Moving

All of North Texas

We serve all of North Texas and the entire surrounding area.

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Local, Residential, and Apartment Moving Services in Dallas, Texas at Buddy Moving

Other Special Case Areas

Please get into contact with us to find out if we service your area.

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